Spade Studio. We’re a new business …  just founded in December of 2014.

We design and produce our stuff in the Cypress Park neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles. That’s the view from our neighborhood in the pictures above.

We’re shooting to provide you with modern and elegant designs, executed in first class materials and by first class craftsman (us), but at a reasonable price.

Our founder, James Dashiell “Dash” Krehel, has a degree in Industrial Design from the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). He worked in furniture and lighting design before deciding to take the plunge and start his own design/production shop.

Where does the “Spade” in Spade Studio come from? Dash got his name from Dashiell Hammett, the novelist who created the character Sam Spade … the lead protagonist in the “Maltese Falcon” and many of Hammett’s other great detective novels.

So that’s a bit of our story. We hope you choose to be a part of our story yourself by becoming one of our customers. We hope and believe you’ll be really pleased with any of our products you choose for your home or business.

Please call or text us at 904.412.3254 with any and all questions.  Or click to contact us by email.

Click here to see our product offerings.

Please follow us on Instagram where we’re @spade_studio and on Facebook where we’re Spade Studio.

Thank you!

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