Mini Kyoto Lantern

Yes! A new junior-sized version of our popular Kyoto-style lantern.

The “Mini”¬†Kyoto is 12″ tall and 8″ at its widest vs. 19″ tall and 11″ wide for the original Kyoto. See them side by side below.

Again, delivers an amazing feel to any room and makes a plain desk or table into someplace special.

Handmade walnut base and handle. Your choice of a yellow or linen colored shade made to our design using fabrics we handpicked in LA’s downtown fabric district.

A total steal at $140. Looks all the better when paired with its big brother the original Kyoto Lantern.

Here’s an image of the two shade options. And below the original Kyoto and the new Mini¬†side by side.


Kyoto et JK