Kyoto-Style Lantern


We believe you will find you’ve purchased a piece of sculpture as much as a lamp if you acquire one of our Kyoto-style lanterns.

As with all of our offerings, our lantern is made here at our shop in Cypress Park in downtown LA.

It’s a beautiful way to bring visual interest to any space. Perfect for use on the floor, in an entryway, on a desk. Pretty much wherever. The glow from the lamp itself will warm your home and catch every visitors’ attention.

A cloth-covered cord with a foot switch or hand switch completes the design.

Questions? Want to see in person? Please call or text us at 904.412.3254. Or click to use the contact form to reach us by email.


Available in walnut and maple and with yellow, gray/brown or red shades as seen below. 20″ tall and 11″ wide at the base. Currently available at an introductory price of $249.

Sellect 140330 (27 of 37) Sellect 140330 (26 of 37) Sellect 140330 (25 of 37)