Floor Lamp with Counterweight


Nat Counterwight FL C 01

A custom-made shade is supported by a tripod of thin and beautifully tapered legs we produce ourselves in our shop in downtown LA. A counterweight … your choice of a cement “arrow,” a cement cylinder,  or hanging succulent pot … brings stability and visual interest.

60″ tall. 13″ wide at the base. 21″ wide at the shade.

Every element of this lamp serves a specific functional purpose, but hopefully you’ll feel as we do that the result is a beautifully elegant look.

We use only high quality materials to produce this and all of our lamps … from the wood, to the fine shade fabrics, to the cloth-covered cord and foot switch.

detail-1 detail-2-2

Yours for what we hope you will agree is a very reasonable price for a handmade item like this: $459.

Available in walnut with a yellow or linen shade as seen below. We often have a third shade color option available (these are custom shades manufactured to our design using fabrics we handpick in LA’s garment district).

Questions? Want to see in person? Please call or text us at 904.412.3254. Or click to use the contact form to reach us by email.

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